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4+ Ways to help regulate your Hygiene with Black Owned Businesses

Haven't been feeling too fresh lately? Ask yourself the following questions;

When was the time I changed the toothbrush?

When was the last time I purchased new underwear?

Am I still using the same kind of body wash and deodorant from childhood?

When is the last time I made sure my home smelled "homie" or has the loss of any peace affected my personal push to care about my atmosphere?

Is my loungewear contributing to any underlining frustration I may be having within myself?

After you have asked yourself those questions, make a list of these products in your phone notes section so you add them to your shopping list! They have changed the game for real. My husband and I have personally tried some of these products and love them. We plan to buy different types of hygienic products in the near future and I will share once we get those in! If you still want to add a pop of color to your loungewear, feel free to check out the Beyond Fresh for a floral headpiece or funky iron-on patch!

Toothbrush company: Coral Oral

Intimates & lounge wear brand :

For women - Sosha Bianca Studios for women

Garments are sustainable, bio-degradable, and comfortable!

Women only - Definitely a must-try, Honey Pot Lavendar panty spray

For men - Champs mens underwear

Deodorant (can be used by men or women) -

Body wash

For women only - Honey Pot Plant-based Feminine wash

Unisex body wash - Touch Body Works

Fresh new candle - J'Luxe Scents ; whimsical smells and super cute packaging

Until next time, stay Fresh! Rebecca oxox

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