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Is your Purse LEAD FREE?

Hey my friends! Today’s blog post is about have lead free handbags. Did you know that some (if not thousands) of handbags (as well as accessories like jewelry/costume jewelry ) are made with lead in order to obtain a certain color, shine or texture? Even some bags that are labeled as “vegan friendly” can contain lead because of not using real, non-dyed leather to construct the purse. Now don’t be afraid to get a new bag but before you make that purchase, here is some good information. 

Do you know what the California Proposition 65 Act is? 

This act requires businesses that ship items to and through California, to provide labels with warnings on their accessories if it had significant exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. In other words, the company needs to notify the consumer about the chemicals it took to make the item before the person willing purchases the product.

Often items that need to be lifted to make a certain color or patent shine, need lead to create a brighter color or feel and that’s not just for smaller brands but luxury brands as well. On the other hand, there are many brands whose bags are lead complaint which means there was extremely low use of lead to make their bags and they are not hazardous to your health. 

The bag that I am holding in my pictures is not only stylish but lead free! The brand is called Diophy and it is based in California. A lot of their products are bought wholesale and sold in other stores like Ross, TJ Maxx etc. Overall, I encourage you to check the label FULLY before purchasing another handbag or backpack. Below are some links to some other helpful information on what accessories could contain large ;

I hope this information helped you in a tremendous way to check your labels and review your products before purchasing them for yourself and others. As always, stay fresh!

- Rebecca 

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