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Culture Experience

Hey yall! I know it’s been a minute since I have written anything but I couldn’t help but share how awesome our experience was in our recent trip to Atlanta, GA.

We wanted to do something quick and fun for our anniversary this year so my husband booked a flight! Over Memorial Day weekend, we attended the Culture Experience (@cultureexperience_ on Instagram) which was an interactive indoor exhibition featuring fun black art, black film inspired setups. The setups were displays of impactful black television shows as well (mainly from the 80s and 90s)

The customer service was great and we were given instructions on how each section was setup before allowed to walk in. We we’re given plenty enough time to take pictures and enjoy each scene.

It is located in a warehouse so do not be alarmed when you arrive. Once you pull up to the building, you will see the huge logo mural. We highly recommend adding this activity to your travel excursions. Here are a few more shots from this first part of our trip!

Next up we headed to Slim & Husky’s

Slim & Husky’s is a black owned pizza spot that also sold cinnamon rolls with various types of toppings! It was super good! The restaurant chain has two locations in Tennessee & one in Sacramento,CA. The setup is similar to Chipotle so you will be in and out in regards to placing your order.The atmosphere was a vibe with good food, music and art. The price of the food options is also reasonable.

After this, we found ourselves at the Book Boutique. The Book Boutique is a black owned bookstore and event center. YES IT IS BOTH!!! So dope right!? The bookstore has a cafe-like feel to it and more. The store uplifts black authors and they also sell apparel. The location often host book signings and more. You can also order from them online!

Our time flew by but we already have in mind where we will be hitting up when we go back to visit! Feel free to tell me if you visit any one of these locations for yourself! As always, stay fresh yall! - Rebecca

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