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Little Yellow Suit

Honey Chile, the love y’all showed me about this here suit was sooo felt! I mean it, so I just had to share the details here on the blog 💛


If you read my last post, you made have guessed where I pulled my outfit inspiration from.

If not, can you guess? I pulled styles from tv shows such as Blackish and Insecure! I wanted to mixed a bold color with a long lasting texture. Plus I wanted to try something with my accessories that reminding me of my mom and my auntie/godmother (My aunt Lisa always loved gold jewelry and my mother always loved a good suit)

Crazy thing was when I was in high school, I use to wear suits all the time (interviews, debate competition) and they were timeless suits not cheaply made.

I gave them away when I was a freshman in college because of fashion trend peer pressure. Still to this day it’s one of my biggest regrets.


I knew for a few months now that my friend wanted everyone to be in formal attire so I knew I needed something that will be a little warmer because of the time of the year. I had been looking for a while online but didn’t see anything that I could see myself wearing more than once. The older I get, the more I want to make sure that my pieces are transcending with age, in other words investment pieces. I don’t plan to buy anything else solely because a billion bloggers are buying it.

Did some scouting at local boutiques, Macy’s and Dillard’s. Nothing. Decided to go to K&G where I hit the jackpot! Yes this suit is from K&G ! A store ALOT of people sleep on (Check my Old blog post called “10 stores People sleep On”)

K&G is known for selling suits (advise mainly men’s suits) but they sell women’s suits and formal wear. I needed it altered but had my new local streamtress take in the pants because I haven’t mastered pants yet. I didn’t alter my jacket it was good fit for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it! My heels are JLo from DSW (honestly they arent that comfortable but super cute) and statement earrings from the site ( I will be wearing this again and as separates because Chile, this was a banger!

Check out below some imagery I pulled my inspiration from!

Anthony Anderson suit texture (timeless)

styling by @michellecolecostumedesign

Yvonne Orji always has on bomb power suits and often times are bold colors! styling @apuje

Thanks for reading and always stay fresh!

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