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Staying Fresh through the Frustration

Hey guys, I hope you are doing okay during this time. I wanted to share with you guys that even in this moment in time, you can be advancing your personal style by discovering the root of your personal style. An excellent example of this is DJ DNice. If you haven't heard of him, he recently held a nine-hour worldwide virtual house party that sent encouragement to millions of homes around the globe all while changing his hat every hour.

He was mixing from his own home, leaving a fashionable, visual impression on our subconscious. Even if someone forgets his name years from now, they will remember him as the wide fedora-wearing DJ that got the whole world to dance at the same time. From what I saw when watching the live, he showed his passion, his humanity as well as personal style. He was being his authentic self with a touch of fashion. Despite this time of frustration and the unknown, make time to focus on what you can control like; your physical and spiritual well being and your overall peace at home. You have the ability to set the tone for your home and closet chile! Taking some time to rearrange your wardrobe or a room in your home can change the game for your mental health bringing down stress there although you are experiencing pressure in other ways.

If you haven't already downloaded the Beyond Fresh questionnaire and Calendar, it's available and absolutely free for you guys to use so you can figure out the root of your personal style and how does it align with your personality and who God created you be. 

Here is the link - 

 Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help you unleash your personal style in a healthy realistic way! Until next time, stay fresh. 


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