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TV Shows that will have you DRESSED

Hey Fresh Family! It's your girl Rebecca again. I know right, it's been a while for real but hey, we are here!

I hope you are finding some sort of light in your season you are in. I have been wanting to share this info for some time now but life has been crazy busy and time does not wait on nobody.

Below are a few fun, dramatic or thought provoking episodes from a range of TV shows that will have you asking yourself " Do I have something like that?" or "That makes we think of that one time when.." As I expressed on my IG a few weeks back, that many of our favorite television shows not only impacted us comedically or emotionally but often times subconsciously impacted us in a fashionably way. Now I am not saying you should wear everything seen in these episodes but there are definitely good options to pull some style references from! Let me know what you find while watching these shows!

First Wives Club Honestly for this one I could not picked a specific one but the ladies and gentlemen were DRESSED often on this show

Jill Scott is known to be very fun and colorful on and off the screen. Actor Malik Yoba has always had the debonair approach to his style when dressing up and more street style when he is being causal.

The Nanny

We know how fine Fran Fine was but her employer was a hater for a little while LOL. I'm pretty sure Fran is the main reason why many women have dreams of be being fashionable while cleaning their houses too. Maxwell with his grey hair peaking out at the top of his head (we love good touch of grey with jet black hair).

Celebrities like Cardi B. , Taylor Swift, Rihanna and more have been seen in similar funky looks

The First Prince ( episode entitled "Those Were the Days") -

In this episode, Uncle Phil's sister came into town and sis is giving us mixed printed and dope urban style for sure. And we know Aunt Viv never left the house without her clothes being ironed lol.

In The House ( episode entitled "My Crazy Valentine")

Debbie Allen clothes ranged from oversized suits and fitted shirts but in this episode, her little black dress is to die for. LL Cool J made sure that his character didn't go a day without wearing something on his head. If you watch the whole series, you will see that Allen's style on the show has came back heavy and can be seen at many boutiques and retailers. Show is currently available on HBO Max.


( Really in season 4 and 5) The fashion was too good. I will say though in season 5 episodes 1, 8 and 10 just hit different for me. If you watched the full transitions in the final episodes then hopefully you noticed how the proverbial styles grew/ evolved based on the life experiences as the years went on. PERFECTION. That is how you do story telling effectively. Jay Ellis stays clean! Costume designer Shiona Turini did her thang.

The Parkers

episode 23 Season 4 (The Good, The Bad and Funny), directed by Debbie Allen - The looks featured western looks which made me think of the current trend and love for The Harder They Fall film - 2021

In 2020, cowboy boots were a hit and still being rocked nationwide by some of our favorite fashion influencers/ icons.

In general though, Kim always had the best retro wigs when it came to flipped hairstyles. We have seen celebrities/ public figures like Jasmine Sullivan and Sarah Jakes Roberts rock some flipped hairstyles so gracefully in 2021

One On One episode 10 season 4 ( Mi Casa Es Mi Casa)

Tanya had on a denim zip up suit ( Jean on Jean looks will NEVER go out of style) and Flex's colorway with the yellow caramel and chocolate has been seen so much in the recent seasons of fashion that they will be apart of "nude" shades for the next decade for sure and I am here for it! On top of that, leather buckle hats were seen numerous times in this episode.

How to Ruin Christmas ( seasons 1 & 2) I know the holidays are over but this show depicted some amazing prints as well as, of course, COLOR! When you get some extra Netflix binge-watching time let me know what you think.

Sex In The City

So here's the thing, the fashion was good within the show for sure but the fashion in the movies... was sooooo good! Personally I am loving the looks that have been seen in the 2021 reboot because I feel like the current styles for the show certainty connect while with the trends that were sparked in the original series and that doesn't always happen with reboots.

I hope the list that I shared with you today got your fashionably juices flowing! If you get another moment, make sure you read my post (from 2020) when I shared a list about 50+ Black films that depicted bomb fashion trends. There are many more shows I could share but I wanted to focus on these ones for now. Thanks for reading and as always, stay fresh!

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