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Ultimate Comfy Chic Jumpsuit

Hey Fresh Family! This blog post is for the ladies but fellas you can keep reading if you want to get a lady in your life a similar fit. Trust me, she will appreciate you more for it!

Recently, I got this amazing marigold/mango colored jumpsuit from a small African boutique called Kilimanjaro.

They had so much beautiful African clothing, art, and decor there but this yellow number stood out to me and I had to have it! It is very comfortable gives the illusion of a dress and washes extreme well (Wash separately). They still have this jumpsuit but in different colors. Below, I listed their website and a few others were you can get a similar look!

Kilimanjaro Cincinnati - (It is better to go to the store honestly!)

Boutique Jrenee

Shop Rych

BDonna's Closet

Please let me know if you get one for yourself! And as always, stay fresh! - Rebecca

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