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Custom painted handbags

This S/S excited to offer fun hand-painted purses. Offering this service will be fun for individuals who love unique items and do not mind wearing pieces that conversation starters like my floral headpieces! 


Paints used for custom handbags are well-formulated fabric paints and leather paint that can be used of leather-like materials.

The pricing below is base on one-sided designs. If you are interested in both sides of a bag painted, it will be an additional fee. The handbags I will use often times will be vegan. The pricing includes the bag as well. Serious inquiries can place an order through the contact page or email; 

Small wallet size starting at $50

Medium flat envelope size bag starting $75

Medium handle bag starting at $100

Large handle bag starting at $150

Extra-large, tote size bag starting $175

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