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Black In the Day: Sew It Seams Virtual series

For Black Americans, fashion has always been a means of self-expression – a canvas to paint our stories upon. When our voices weren't heard, our style spoke for us. Fashion represents not only status but the opportunity to showcase our individuality in the world. Despite being overlooked when it comes to sharing our creativity, life challenges, and achievements, fashion has been a driving force for us. By blending style and messaging, we have transformed cultures, and it all started with the art of fashion. This informative programming will consist of interviews from various fashion enthusiasts, designers and more.

Upcoming Events:

Coming soon

Previous Events:

Under The SEE
(Solo Exhibition 2022)
Live Art Experience

Under The SEE pt 2
(Continuation of Exhibition at
Woodlawn Recreation Center)

(Dec 2022, Feb 2022, Dec 2023)


RJS Fashion Press Release Summer/ Fall 2023

RJS_BeyondMePress Release (1).png
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