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Black In the Day: Sew It Seams

For Black Americans, fashion has always been a means of self-expression – a canvas to paint our stories upon. When our voices weren't heard, our style spoke for us. Fashion represents not only status but the opportunity to showcase our individuality in the world. Despite being overlooked when it comes to sharing our creativity, life challenges, and achievements, fashion has been a driving force for us. By blending style and messaging, we have transformed cultures, and it all started with the art of fashion. This informative series will consist of interviews from various fashion enthusiasts, designers and more.

Interview 3: Taniqua Martin of
@BlackFashionHistoryPodcast on IG
On our latest episode of the series, we had the honor of speaking to podcast creator, Taniqua Martin.

Taniqua Martin is a fashion researcher, content creator and host of the Black Fashion History podcast. The underlying themes of her work are highlighting the experiences of Black people across the diaspora, celebrating the accomplishments of Black professionals in the fashion industry, educating communities and providing much-needed representation. Her work celebrating the unsung Black heroes of fashion and expertise in Black fashion culture has been highlighted in various publications like Vogue and Refinery 29 UK.

Find her on Instagram @BlackfashionHistorypodcast. Watch full the interview above.
Interview 3: Shani Nix of @lipstickndlocs on IG
In our third episode of the series, we had the honor of speaking to the artist and all-around stylish individual, Shani Nix.

Being born and raised in the birthplace of funk and aviation, left Shani no choice but to be fly! A low key shopaholic by day and a singer by night, you can usually find her shopping in the men’s section. Shani has been an MUA and wardrobe stylist for over 10 years, having been published several times for both. Your favorite auntie is all about stylish comfort in this current era and does it for all the girlie tomboys! Find her on Instagram @lipstickndlocs. Watch full the interview above.
Interview 2: Reginald Fils of @vintage_fils on IG
In our second talk of the series, we had the pleasure of speaking to the creative Reginald Fils of @vintage_fils on Instagram.

Reginald Fils is a 25-year-old resident of Boston, MA. In the private sector, Reginald has served as Senior Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble (P&G), where he has managed multi-million-dollar marketing and brand building efforts for household consumer products like Olay Skincare and Gillette. Outside of work, Regi is very involved in his community through his Board Service at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Boston and on the Mayor of Boston's SPARK Council. In his free time Regi enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, and checking out the latest trends in fashion, art, and culture. Watch full the interview above.
Interview 1: Amanda Wicks of @stacysinterlude on IG
In our first interview, we had the pleasure of speaking to the creative Amanda Wicks of @stacysinterlude on Instagram.

In her 9-5, she’s a Digital Communications Program Manager. In her 5-9, she’s a visual artist, entrepreneur, content creator, birth worker, and anything else she chooses to be. She received her B.A. from Clark Atlanta University, and she has a Ph.D. In English from Vanderbilt (VANDER- BELT) University. In her scholarship, she explores representations of Black women and girls in popular media, specifically the power of those who disrupt gender stereotypes and norms. In everything she does, she celebrates Black creative expression and champions the well-being of Black women.

I got to chat with Wicks about her sense of style, her love for music videos and a few of the renowned Black designers that she admires. Watch full the interview above.
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