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Black In the Day: Sew It Seams

We are back at it again!  This informative series will consist of interviews from various fashion enthusiasts, designers and more. The interviews are a bit shorter than season one because our guests have been busy working on set! Thank you to everyone who has been following/watching the series.

I love this topic so much!

Interview 1 of season 2: Robin Fields of
@realrobinfields on IG
Our first interview of season two is with the wonderful, Robin Fields

Find her on Instagram @realrobinkfields. Watch full the interview by clicking on the video.
RKF MINI BIO (1).jpg
Interview 2 of season 2:  Lisa Smedley-Calderon of @lisaloveslife0229 on IG
Meet Lisa Smedley- Calderon
A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, it was her move to California that propelled a whirlwind of working with some of the greatest artists in the entertainment industry. Lisa became known for cultivating styles unique to each clients’ personality while adding a hint of her own quirks. Her acute attention to detail marks her signature touch.
While completing her studies in Fashion Merchandising, Lisa became a fashion consultant for Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. While at Saks Fifth, she was referred to the Crystal Agency and began assistant styling and later styling independently as one of the most sought-after fashion stylists and is presently working in movies and TV series. Lisa has styled for artists such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Bobby Brown, Boyz II Men, and Color Me Badd, as well as award shows such as the Grammy’s, American Music Awards, Billboard and MTV Awards. Lisa has evolved in her career as a costume designer on movies and TV series with A-List celebrities.
Now with over 20 years of experience in the film and TV industry, Lisa continues to have the same drive and passion she did 20 years ago. When not on a project, Lisa likes to read, travel, and spend time with family.

Find her on Instagram @lisaloveslife0229 .  Watch full the interview above.
Interview 3 of season 2:  Michelle Cole , @michellecolecostumedesign on IG
Meet Michelle Cole

9-time Primetime Emmy-nominated costume designer Michelle R. Cole has had a lasting impact on our lives with her work on recording breaking television shows spanning 43 years. Her career took off on the hit influential show “In Living Color” in 1990, Cole's creativity has resonated across generations. Her pioneering contributions encompass renowned television shows such as "Martin," "Steve Harvey," "The Bernie Mac Show," and more recently, "Black-ish," and "Grown-ish”.

Nominated for Emmy Awards for her skilled designs on "In Living Color" and "Black-ish," Cole's fashion storytelling has brought vibrancy to the screen, making her a true treasure in the world of costume design. In addition to her television endeavors, she has a notable imprint in films like Blankman, Mo’ Money, and You People.

Her upcoming project on CBS this fall, "Poppa’s House," starring the legendary actor and comedian Damon Wayans alongside his son Damon Wayans Jr., is set to deliver a humorous take on the traditional father-son dynamic. This new series promises to bring a fresh and entertaining twist to the screen. Cole is revered as a legendary figure and is renowned in the realm of costuming.

 Find her on Instagram @michellecolecostumedesign Watch full the interview above -conversation starts at 0.26 seconds.
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