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50+ must watch Black Casted Films for Fashion Inspiration

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hey Fresh Family! I have been compiling this list for a long time and if you keep on reading, I have listed not only films but television shows and celebrities/public figures who have inspired so many looks from decade to decade.

These films/tv shows are ones that have made so many fashionable Impressions psychologically that you may have worn something similar from one listed below without even realizing it! Some of these features range from comedies to more serious media and may have a variety of different types of people a part of the cast. Whether the fashion spoke for itself, or the character/figure made the look come alive.

Some of the celebrities listed below may have not been able to fully express themselves without the assistance of fashion, their wardrobe stylists or using a sense of style in general!

If there is a film, celeb or show below that you haven't seen or heard of, I encourage you to do your own research, watch the movie/show and see if you can catch why it is on this list! If you know of one that I may have forgotten, feel free to comment below and share too!


- Coming To America (ex. the royal attire, McDowell's uniform, hairstyles such as the Jerry curl & more)

- The Last Dragon ( Vanity's performance attire, the mixing of street style with traditional Asian garments)

- The Golden Child (Eddie murphy's character who often wore a black leather box beret and jacket)

- The Wiz (each scene from graffiti kids' looks to the city of OZ)

- School Daze (collegiate wear and their twist on everyday wear)

- Do the Right Thing (attire as well as accessories ex. Bill Nunn’s character rings)

- Mahogany (Diana Ross' character's attire, played an inspiring fashion designer)

- Mo' Better Blues

- The Preacher's wife

- Crooklyn (The mother's hairstyle)

- Boomerang (vintage African American styling/ Harlem renaissance flavors )

- What's Love Got to Do With It (Tina's hair and style evolving)

-Waiting to Exhale

- How Stella Got Her Groove Back

- The Best Man

- Five HeartBeats

-Meteor Man (ex. Golden Lords )

- Black Panther (Wakandan attire)

- B.A.P.S

- Double Platinum

- The BodyGuard

- Dream Girls

- Roll Bounce

- Two Can Play That Game

- Love Jones


- Cool Runnings

- House Party

- Think like a Man

- The Photograph

- Girls Trip


- Low Down Dirty Shame

- Sparkle

- Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson's attire esp. the jackets)

- Medea's Family Reunion (wedding scene)

- Roger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella (featuring Whitney Houston and Brandy)

- Boyz N The Hood

- Chi- Raq

- Bebe’s Kids

- Poetic Justice

- The Story Of Dorothy Dandridge

- Malcolm X

- Friday

- Sprung

- Baby Boy

- Love Don’t Cost a Thing

- Bring it On (hairstyles)

- Fighting Temptations - Stomp The Yard (2000s urban wear)

- Thin Lines Between Love and Hate

- Love and Basketball as well as Brown Sugar ( Sanaa's wrapped hair)

- Why Did I get Married? (Jill Scott's gown towards the end of the movie)

- Set it Off (Jada's shaving her head)

- The Temptations

- Just Wright (Queen Latifah Infamous copper colored hair)

- The Clark Sisters (Maddie Ross’ glasses)

- Fresh (urban fashion documentary)

- The Remix (urban fashion documentary)

Television Shows:

One on One

A Different World

Livin' Single

The Cosby Show

In Living Color

In the House ( LL Cool J character's apparel)

Fresh Prince


Good Times

Sister Sister

The Jeffersons

ParentHood (eldest son's braided hairstyle)

Jamie Foxx (Jamie's satin button-ups)


The Wayans Bros



Family Matters (Eddie's hairstyle and attire, Laura's hairstyle and love for two-piece outfits - when Stefan proposed to Laura at Disney)

Music Videos (just name a few):

TLC - Water Falls

Boyz II Men - Let it Snow

Kirk Franklin - Resolution

Mary Mary - Shackles, Go Get it (hairstyles)

Micheal Jackson - Bad, Remember the Time, Scream, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal just to name a few)

New Edition- Can you Stand The Rain

Aaliyah - Rock the Boat, One in Million, Are You That Somebody (just to name a few)

Lil' Mo - Superwoman

Beyoncé - Freak Em Dress, Baby Boy, Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, Black is King, ( and many more)

Jagged Edge - He can't love U

Nelly and the Saint lunatics - Air Force zones

Celebrities (just to name a few):


Snoop Dog

Lil' Kim

Lauryn Hill

Diana Ross

Tracie Ellis Ross


Chaka Khan



Donna Summers

Missy Elliot

Gregory Hines

Queen Latifah

Misa Hylton (celebrity stylist)

Mary J. Blige (blonde hair)

Chance The Rapper

Childish Gambino

Nina Long (90's haircut)

Sisqo (90's hair color)


Tracee Ellis Ross


Jill Scott

Brandy (braids)

Mario (braids)

Omarion (braids)

India Arie

Erykah Badu

Taraji P.Henson


Tiana Taylor



Samuel L. Jackson


Chadwick Boseman

Michael B. Jordan

Blair Underwood

Nicki Minaj

Cardi B. June Ambrose

Public Figures (just to name a few):

Malcolm X

Nat King Cole

James Brown

Little Richie

Nina Simone

Ruth Carter (costume designer)

Janelle Monae

Shirley Chisholm

Michelle Obama

Lupita Nyongo

Josephine Baker

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis

Bob Marley

I hope you guys enjoyed! As always, stay fresh!

Images found on Google and Pinterest.

List curated and researched by Rebecca S. Armstrong of Copyrighted September 2020©️

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